A new approach to credit repair

Startup combines repair tactics with conversation, transparency, and education

Credit card debt has been rising steadily, with Creditcards.com reporting an average debt of $9,600 per household. The amount of debt by itself is not what is most alarming though – according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 4.7 percent of all outstanding debt as of December 31, 2017, was delinquent. The Fed further noted that the delinquent balances which are greater than 90 days has been increasing steadily.

These shocking statistics underlie a major disruptive trend in the United States, with the root causes ranging from underemployment and stagnant wages, to a lack of education on how to handle personal finances. The poor credit epidemic has triggered a range of credit repair services, many of which are offered through anonymous websites offering boilerplate tactics and unrealistic promises, some of which border on fraudulent.

Jestin Major, CEO and founder of Rapport

Jestin Major, the 25-year-old CEO of credit rebuilding company Rapport, has built his business by taking a fresh look at ethical credit repair. Major noted a disturbing trend, not only in credit repair but in virtually any sort of ecommerce, of anonymizing online companies and refusing to actually have a conversation with clients. “I knew immediately that the only way to launch a reputable and ethical credit repair agency was to be fully transparent,” said Major. “If you look at our website, you’ll know exactly who we are. And what’s more important, the process we use begins with a conversation, rather than a boilerplate questionnaire. Every person is different, and the best way for us to help each client along their path to creditworthiness is to listen to, and understand their goals and challenges.”

The most important thing to Major was to move away from the credit repair industry’s tendency to offer robotic, boilerplate service. Instead of speaking with an automated robot or looking through a FAQ document, users of the service can simply send a text to 504-208-9297 to get immediate access to a live credit consultant. “We live in a generation where everything is instant,” said Major. “So I developed a strategy that in keeping with that trend, but still caters to the need for live, personal contact. Users of our service can contact a live credit consultant from any smart device using that number.”

Setting out to launch his new company by redefining the credit repair industry, Rapport does not rely on the standard credit repair schemes offered by other agencies, which may include questionable tactics such as trying to obtain an alternate social security number, or disputing legitimate debt. “Those quick-and-dirty tactics, if they do produce results, are short-lived,” said Major. “Our goal is to deliver lasting results through a combination of transparency, realistic and legitimate credit repair tactics, and most of all, education. That final ingredient is what empowers our clients to retain their newly improved credit score long after we’ve taken that important first step.”

Major suffered from credit problems himself while in college, and learned along the way that the biggest cause of credit problems isn’t lack of money – it’s the lack of financial knowledge. Determined to rebuild his credit, Major placed priority on learning everything he could about credit. “Like most college kids, I didn’t realize the importance of credit until it was time to make a major purchase,” said Major. “By that time I had already destroyed my credit, which resulted in me becoming relentless and making it a 24/7 effort to educate myself about credit, and learn how I can rebuild my score.”

After graduating from Dillard with a nursing degree, Major worked on his credit goals while making a living as a Registered Nurse. Working together with credit experts, he developed a team and ultimately developed a complete strategy for improving credit, which involved a combination of specific credit repair tactics and ongoing education. Major noted that even the most effective credit repair tactics will not yield lasting results if there is no personal, one-on-one education. That’s why Major launched Rapport – to provide a powerful combination of repair tactics paired with education, conversation, and transparency.

The process begins with scheduling a free consultation, during which new clients will have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss their goals and their unique challenges. A consultation can be scheduled on the website at http://www.tryrapport.com.

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