Cheers, Harry and Meghan! Royal wedding is done — now the tough part starts …

And now … the work begins for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had a spectacular wedding ceremony that was a beautiful blend of traditions with modern twists, and a joining of British and American styles in all a breathtaking chapel in Windsor, England.

There was no shortage of pomp, pageantry, and fanfare. And rightfully so. I mean, they are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (although most Americans refer to Meghan as a princess). Their wedding day appeared to be the true picture of perfection.

At the center of that perfection were two people are smart, beautiful, talented, kind … and slightly imperfect.

In part of his teen years, Harry was a lost boy who seemed to frequently find trouble. And the untimely death of his widely adored mother, Princess Diana, left Harry and his brother William with broken hearts. I can only imagine how tough it was for Harry and William to get married without their mother at their weddings.  But I’m sure Diana would want her boys to be happy, and married to the person who makes each of them happy.

Harry worked through much of his problems. Served in Great Britain’s military, and has immersed himself into work to help those who are disadvantaged or challenged.

Meghan is a divorcee, whose “papa drama from America” prior to the wedding leads one to believe there is more going on there … and that she has been hurt a few times, too. It was touching to see that Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, was able to be by her daughter’s side before and during the wedding.

It had to be difficult to know that you had only one blood relative at your ceremony. Yet Meghan rose to the occasion, surrounded by the love of her mother and accompanied to the altar by her now-father-in-law Prince Charles (Kudos to the next future King of England for doing that!). Meghan moved forward with her life and married her Prince Harry. She agreed to live in a fish bowl as a member of the royal family, constantly in the public eye. Personal privacy will come at a premium.

Look, we’re all imperfect. Harry and Meghan each has something that most of us imperfect people don’t have: a mate who’ll love us for who we are. Not who we’ll be in the future. Not how we’ll be if that mate can successfully mold us. Not who we were. Who we are now.

Harry and Meghan’s love was on display for the world to see during their televised nuptials, which was televised because of the widespread interest. It wasn’t fake or manufactured. It was true love.

Such love is a great foundation for a successful marriage, and I’ll bet they’ll be able to weather the storms of life together. I think their marriage will go the distance.

So … they’ve had their marriage ceremony to work on for months prior. Now they have their marriage to work on for the rest of their lives. I wish them the very best. They deserve it!


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