Five Hot Footwear Trends for Him & Her this Summer

Regardless of what the temperature is outside, you’ve got to keep your look cool, fresh, and modern … from head to toe. Give as much attention to your shoes, sneakers, and sandals as you give to the rest of your wardrobe. This goes for gentlemen as well as the ladies.

No worries! You’re covered! Here are five hot summertime footwear fashion trends for men and women.

For Him

Desert Boots: Here’s a shoe with a versatile style and that works well with casual and dressy looks. Desert Boots are made for the heat. They were originally crafted back-in-the day for British soldiers to wear in the desert. You can wear these with or without socks. Dressed-up or dressed-down, a pair of Desert Boots will up your style game and give you a bit of swagger.

Loafers: You pick the color and material. Honestly, there probably isn’t a bad pick when it comes to loafers. Here is another footwear fashion staple that can be easily dressed-up or dressed-down depending on the outfit you are wearing.

Sneakers: There are four style trends you’ve got to get your feet in this summer – high-end sneakers, throwback sneakers, running sneakers, and white canvas sneakers.

  • High-end: When it comes to your high-end variety, look for a pair of leather sneakers that are minimal in detail. But you can’t find the best quality and best-looking high-end sneakers just anywhere. You have to find a retailer with some street cred when it comes to buying upscale sneakers and footwear. Check out Stadium Goods to see the most stylish, high-end sneakers and the wide variety of brands available in one place.
  • Running sneakers: Find a pair of lightweight running sneakers that are breathable, and you’ll be working the trends while you’re working out at the gym, going for a run, or running errands.
  • Throwback sneakers: These work when you want to give off a carefree style that is straight-up vintage. Find the throwbacks made popular by surfers and skateboarders back in the day. Classic!
  • White canvas sneakers: And speaking of classic, white canvas sneakers are timeless – and always in style.

Boat shoes: Yes, they do have a reputation for being the hallmark of a preppy look. But these are another timeless and durable shoe that guys can’t seem to get enough of this summer. Being able to slip them on and off easily could be part of the attraction. As long as you don’t wear your boat shoes with a polo shirt and plaid shorts, and tell people your name is “Biff,” you’ll be fine. No offense to anyone named Biff, btw! Are we good, bro? Okay, moving on …

Espadrilles: It’s not a look that fits everyone’s taste. But espadrilles have become wildly popular this year.  Espadrilles are a great summertime shoe because of its comfort, versatility and breathability. Think of it as a cross between a loafer and man sandal – but without the need for a pedicure! Seriously, here’s another shoe that is functional and attractive enough to wear to a laid-back affair like a cookout or a day at the beach.

For Her

Crisscross laced shoes: Crisscross laced dress shoes are an extremely stylish must-have pair you’ve got to get this season. This look works on high heels, sandals, ballet-style shoes, even kitten heels. You’ll find a whole lot of variations on this style, so there is surely something out there that will work for you.

High-end sneakers: Remember the “dad” sneakers? The ladies are rockin’ that look this summer! Another chic sneaker style is the futuristic-looking ones.

Shoes with PVC-detailing: See-through or clear elements on shoes are a major trend this summer. You may see dress shoes – heels, pumps, and fancy flats – plus sandals, and probably some sneakers with the PVC/clear detailing on them. It may be a shoe strap or buckle. It may be the heel. It may be a cheeky twist on the classic peek-a-boo toe style. Lots of choices are available for this style.

Toe-ring sandals: This throwback look is getting a reboot for summer 2018. Look for a more modern, sleek style in patterns or solids. Leather toe-ring sandals have a polished look.

Mules: Just about any variation of mules, the shoes with no physical backing or back strap, will have you in step with the latest style. Whatever you like, there is probably a mule version of it: High heels, kitten heels, and flats … even sneakers.

BONUS TIP: For Him & Her

Flip-flops and Plastic Slides: Men and women should add a pair of either of these to their summertime footwear selections. These shoes work well for the pool or beach, or for hanging out at home.

There you have it – some hot trends to keep your footwear fresh and modern. Have a great summer!

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