Helping Hands from Around the World Aid Rescue of 11 Thai Boys and Their Soccer Coach

Many people around the world collectively held their breaths recently. Hoping. Waiting. Praying that somehow, the 11 boys and their soccer coach would be rescued from a flood-prone cave in which they were trapped in Thailand. Making matters worse is that this occurred during a window of time when heavy rainfall is common. Oh, and by the way: The boys could not swim.

And finally, there was that collective sigh of relief … and rejoicing this week when the rescue attempt, done in pieces, was a success. The boys and their coach are in fairly good condition emotionally and physically after being in the below-ground cave for about two weeks. There was talk, initially, that the boys and their coach might’ve had to stay in the cave for a month or so. Thank goodness that was wrong!

From various parts of the worlds, experts flocked to the scene to offer their assistance in the planning and execution of the rescue attempt. Experts included those with extensive military backgrounds such as Navy Seals, doctors, geologist, and dive experts. They worked together for countless hours monitoring the situation, studying the geology and the terrain, plotting rescue efforts, pumping out as much water from the cave as possible, and trying to maintain the oxygen levels in the cave.

All of that work paid off and we have a happy ending to this story. I, for one, couldn’t be happier for the boys and their coach, their families, the experts and rescuers who put in their hearts and souls to make this mission a success, and all of us who watched, waited, and prayed.

One of the biggest joys in this optimal outcome is the basic idea that if people from different backgrounds; nationalities; races; genders; etc. work together, we can make miracles happen. We can make the impossible possible. And, we can make life better for someone else.

This working together thing doesn’t have to always be on a grand scale as this rescue operation was. And it doesn’t mean seeking about people from other countries on the other side of the planet for collaborations. What is a more reasonable expectation is for each of us to work together with the people in our neighborhood, our community, our workplace.

Find common ground and work together on a common goal; don’t let the differences among us divide us. That applies to all of the things which make each of us unique. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating our background, history, ethnicity, and the like. Embrace those things. But come together to achieve a goal together when necessary … especially if it means saving lives or positively impacting others.

I heard on the news that a film crew is in Thailand scoping out the area because there are already plans to make a movie out of this dangerous entrapment and heroic rescue. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a not-so-good thing. Maybe I’ll reserve my thoughts on that until I see the movie — if I see the movie.

And the plot of humanity’s story thickens …

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